ICT Success for Holy Trinity with the NaaceMark.

Congratulations to the children, parents, staff and Governors of Holy Trinity!

We are delighted to be awarded the NaaceMark for the 4th time! Back in June we had a comprehensive assessment from Mr Andy Murden from the Naace Board of Management. He spoke with our children, staff, parents and Governors to find out about how the school harnesses the effective use of technology.

Holy Trinity Primary School has a well-established relationship with Naace and has been a member for nearly a decade. Over this period, the Self-Review Framework has become embedded in the school’s ICT practice as it strives for continuous improvement through positive use of education technologies. 

The Self-Review Framework supports schools in three key areas; understanding where they are in their technology strategy, planning the next stages and recording their progress. 

Access to and effective use of education technologies, along with innovative teaching, plays a huge part in driving high standards that allow pupils to reach and exceed their potential. 

Laurence Boulter, Chair of Naace, commented: “The Naace Self-Review Framework is all about school improvement and effective use of education technologies. It helps schools pinpoint where they are in the edtech strategy and identify next steps, all while recording their progress. Holy Trinity Primary School is an excellent example of using the framework to elevate the use of technology in their school, improving both teaching and learning. Being awarded the Naace Mark is testament to the continuous improvement the school has demonstrated – we look forward to continuing to support them.”

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