Eco Council

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Holy Trinity Primary School was awarded the Eco-Schools ‘Green Flag’ in 2017 and we are currently working towards our 3rd Green Flag. The ECO –Schools program has provided a stronger understanding of environmental awareness throughout the school and the community. To enable Holy Trinity to meet the standards required to become and stay an Eco-School we have appointed an Eco Committee, supported by Mr McMahon and Miss Cushenan.

The Eco Committee have been in various projects such as: An Environmental Review, Litter and Healthy Living workshops. In Term 1 and in Term 2 children took part in fund raising activities for Trocaire as part of the Global Perspectives topic and an initiative that aimed to reduce the amount of plastic being thrown out. In Term 3 the committee have planned to record the amount of energy that the school are using over a week then assess if we can be more efficient with the school holding a designated ‘Power Down Day’ to inspire students to think about how much energy they use every day.

Eco updates and Key Partners

The new ECO committee has been busy. They have completed the ECO Schools Environmental Review by asking Mr Culbert questions about our school and are now working towards our ECO School Targets. The Council have also finalised our new ECO Code which has been given to all classes to display in their rooms.

Cancer Focus NI Visit

It’s important for our children to make healthy choices from a very early age.

Cancer Focus NI visited the school and gave us a fun day of healthy activities which are designed to improve knowledge of health and to encourage pupils to make positive lifestyle choices. Genevieve, the healthy goat, visited the P1 and P2 children. They enjoyed an interactive storytelling of ‘Genevieve and the Farmyard Olympics.’ P3 took part in Fit Factor and P4 became Food Detectives while P5 took part in Sun Scientists and P6 and P7 in Smokebusters.

Belfast City Council

This year we have been working in partnership with Belfast City Council to gather information on waste and the negative effects it can have on wildlife and the environment. Primary 4 experienced an interactive workshop in Term 1, delivered by Belfast City Council, which highlighted some of the dangers around litter and dog waste in our local areas. They gave us  some  valuable information on how to keep safe when out and about or at the park. In Term 2 Captain Clean-Up also paid a visit to the P5s to acknowledge their hard work collecting litter around our school. Finally, P1 were treated to a Story about Sea Life and what they can do to prevent plastic from ending up in the sea.


A presentation from Trocaire and a Trocaire themed assembly from Mr McMahon’s and Mr Sweeney’s Primary 4 classes taught the Key Stage 1 children about how some families live in fear of having their lands seized and being left homeless. They also learned all about the different fund raising activities that each year group in the school are taking part in during the Lenten campaign.

NI Water

Ni Water visited the school with the message of ‘Refill for free and save the sea.’ They gave out reusable water bottles for each child in the school. To assess the impact of using reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles, the ECO Committee decided to conduct a controlled experiment and collect any plastic bottles that would have been disposed of, then collect again after the reusable bottles had been given out to see if there had been a reduction. In the 3 days before we gave out the reusable bottles we collected 4 black bags filled with single use plastic bottles.  In the 3 days after we only collected 1 bag that was only three quarters full.

Holy Trinity PS remains committed to our environmental education through our initiatives to promote the efficient use of energy and resources, paper recycling, litter etc. Through local, national and global studies we ensure our pupils are increasingly aware of the significant contribution they can all play to make our world a better and more beautiful place.

Recycling batteries

Which batteries can we recycle?

We  are collecting mixed household waste batteries*

The collection box is located outside Mr White’s office.

  • AAA and AA C and D cells
  • Button batteries (e.g. watch or hearing aid batteries)
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Laptop batteries

*not industrial or automotive batteries.