Mission Statement

Holy Trinity is committed to providing to all pupils, particularly the more vulnerable, the highest level of pastoral care in a safe, caring and attractive learning environment.  The school holds all pupils in the highest esteem and considers it essential that all play a full and integrated part in the life of the school.

The school believes in the holistic development of the child to his/her potential.  It will provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.  Holy Trinity is committed to having high expectations for academic achievement, good conduct, sport and the creative arts.  The school has identified extra curricular activities suited to the interests of all pupils as being of particular value in the life of the school.

The school will seek to promote attitudes and values according to the Catholic tradition in harmony with the school chaplain.  The school will endeavour to foster personal and collective integrity, among staff, pupils and in all aspects of the work of the school.

Holy Trinity regards our parents as valued and respected educational partners who are made to feel welcome at the school.  The school will provide regular feedback to parents on the progress of pupils and, offer to them any other relevant pastoral guidance.  The school places considerable importance upon its links with the parish – especially with regard to sacramental preparation, The Mass and communications in the parish bulletin.  Holy Trinity is proud of its cross community links  and its links to feeder, second level schools and outside agencies.

Policy for Enrolment in Holy Trinity Primary School

Holy Trinity Primary School strives to achieve, and is proud to maintain, a strong ethos of excellence in all of those areas which a modern and forward-thinking school needs to embrace, including the key areas of pastoral care, academic achievement and sporting prowess.

Holy Trinity Primary School occupies a prestigious site on the edge of Holy Trinity parish, nestling under the Black Mountain and enjoying a panoramic view of Belfast.  In addition to our rolling lawns we have four all-weather playgrounds and two modern gymnasia.  Our pupils have access to the sporting facilities of the GAA club which abuts the school premises, Gortnamona GAC. The school is equipped with a computer suite, up-to-date technology, including an interactive whiteboard in every classroom, a sensory garden and two well-stocked libraries.

It is our policy as a Catholic school, with a highly committed and talented staff, to promote Christian values and attitudes and to help each child to develop and to achieve his or her spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical potential.

We regard our parents as partners and seek to involve them closely in their children’s education. Regular opportunities are provided  to meet the child’s teachers and to become actively involved in the life of the school.  Our recently refurbished parents’ room provides an excellent opportunity to relax, meet other parents and/or participate in one of the wide range of parents’ courses that we provide.

Parents who choose Holy Trinity Primary School will select a school with an enviable academic record.  We are committed to developing  each child to his or her potential through provision of the Revised Curriculum. The school places a strong emphasis on Maths, English and ICT and a rigorous system of monitoring and evaluation has been embedded. We value Music highly. Our pupils also receive tuition from the City of Belfast School of Music and are encouraged to perform regularly in public.

The school provides a wide range of after school clubs, including Camogie, ICT, Cookery, Italian, Play, French, Science, Tin Whistle, Guitar, Football, Hurling, Art, Needlecraft, Drama, Games,  Brass, Basketball, Irish, Hip Hop and Homework.  We provide an annual school concert and  Sports Day.

In addition to our mainstream classes Holy Trinity Primary School has a Nuture Unit and four LSC  Classes (Learning Support Classes) for children with Moderate Learning Difficulties.  The school is well placed to meet the needs of your child in the modern world.


Applying for a place for your child in P1 for September 2020 will now have to be done digitally.

The Education Authority have  introduced online applications for admissions to Nursery and Primary schools.

The Go Live date for the new digital admissions is Tuesday 7th  January 2020 at 12 noon and the closing date for admissions will be 12 noon on 30th  January 2020.

Parents will continue to provide birth certificates and other verifying documents to their first preference school.

If you do require any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you

Mrs F Boyd


EA Website with further information. Click here.


Holy Trinity School is a Catholic school committed to providing to all pupils the highest level of pastoral care in a safe, caring, well equipped and attractive learning environment. We believe in the holistic development of the child to his/her full potential and provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. Holy Trinity is committed to having high expectations for academic achievement, good conduct, sport and creative arts. We provide a wide range of extra curricular activities such as sports (hurling, gaelic football, cross country running) computers, art, music (brass, guitar, tin whistle, recorder and choir) languages (Irish, German and French) as well as a flourishing homework club. We also provide an after school club for P1-P3 children who have an older sibling in the school We regard our parents as valued and respected educational partners who are made to feel welcome at the school and provide them with regular feedback on their children’s progress.