Community Links

In Holy Trinity we feel that it is extremely important that the school be seen as part of the wider community. The school will encourage links with the community where it is felt the school and the children will benefit. For this reason parents will be kept informed of our links with the community and the reason for them.

Some examples of links with the community include:

  • Youth Club
  • Day Centre.
  • Parish Committees and organisations, e.g. St Vincent de Paul.
  • Community Relations.
  • The use of various school support services.
  • Employment of work experience students.
  • Taking students from St Mary’s, Worknet, Rupert Stanley and Queen’s University.
  • Contacts with the Church and the Missions.
  • Fund raising for different charities, including Trocaire and The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.
  • Close sporting links with Gort na Mona.
  • Links with feeder nurseries and secondary schools.
  • Wellbeing Centre.
  • Ardmonagh Centre.
  • Upper Springfield Development.
  • Monagh Fashions