Celebration Time!

Huge Congratulations to Mr Armstrong and all of our Key Stage 2 staff and children, on helping our school to achieve the prestigious Master School and Master Project Manager Award for Accelerated Reading. Only three other schools in Northern Ireland have achieved this award out of 7000 schools doing Accelerated Reading. To achieve this Honour Roll success has to be shown over 25 weeks. Our school average reading time is 25 minutes daily and more than 80% of children are achieving 85% or higher average percent correct in their quizzes. Master Schools are presented with a plaque and a hamper of books. Mr Armstrong, our Literacy Coordinator will also be awarded with a trophy. Thanks to Mr Armstrong for all his hard work, thanks to all the staff and children for promoting the Accelerated Reading programme and thanks to Angie Mervyn and the West Belfast Partnership Board who funded this great programme for us.

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