CR-IS Award

Holy Trinity Primary School are the first school in Northern Ireland to be awarded the CR-IS Badge!

Developed by Digital Schools Awards Northern Ireland to provide education professionals with the resources and support needed to help pupils stay safe in the digital world, the new Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety (CR-IS) Badge is backed by technology companies HP, Microsoft and RM Education with the support of C2K and the Department of Education. The Assessor Dr Victor Mc Nair reported that in Holy Trinity:

‘It was clear that the team recognise the importance of building good cyber resilience and esafety awareness in early years so that the inevitable increase in internet use as their pupils get older will be tempered by good habits and understanding. This, for me, is perhaps the most striking part of the school’s vision. The multi-level approach has resulted in a strong culture of cyber resilience and internet safety.’

‘I am delighted that Holy Trinity Primary School is the FIRST school in Northern Ireland to receive the CR-IS award and I commend the staff and pupils on their achievement. In particular I would like to commend the Principal and ICT coordinators for their vision and hard work in bringing CR-IS alive in the school.’

Ann-Marie Whelan, HP Education Manager said, “Advances in digital technology have brought about huge positive change into almost every aspect of our lives and we want to ensure our young people enjoy a very positive and beneficial experience. However, we also need to better equip and educate young people on the potential dangers and how to stay safe online.”

Digital Schools Awards Validator Dr Victor McNair said, “Schools are ideally placed to provide progressive and relevant activities that help pupils build enduring and adaptable cyber-resilient skills.” “Teachers will instantly recognise the language used in the self-review framework and they will benefit from the local and national resources provided to help them develop classroom activities, partnerships and professional learning opportunities.” Pete Murphy, RM Education said, “Introducing the new CR-IS badge is a really positive way to encourage both staff and pupils to understand the actions they can take to stay safe online. ” Thank you to Mrs Rooney and Miss Mc Laughlin for preparing the school for this award.

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