Majorie Boxall Quality Mark Award

Congratulations to Holy Trinity Primary School on being presented with the prestigious ‘Majorie Boxall Quality Mark Award’. It is awarded by the ‘Nurture Group Network’ to schools who can demonstrate, through a rigorous examination of evidence and practice, that nurturing principles are applied, not only in the nurture group class but to the whole school. The nurture group class provides a safe place for pupils with social, emotional or behavioural needs and concentrates on developing skills such as turn-taking, listening, sharing, good manners and managing emotions to ensure they are in a more settled and happier place and better able to cope with the demands of the school day.

In her report the Nurture Group Network’s Wendy Roden observed, “The adult support for the children’s emotional, social and cognitive development was clear during the visit and through the evidence provided. The overwhelming feeling was of warmth and sensitivity, not only for the children, but the school community including parents, carers and all staff.”

In her acceptance speech Mrs Boyd expressed her pride on seeing the nurture group children’s increased confidence and improved behaviour and attitude to learning and how they are now thriving in their classes. Mrs Boyd described it as a “privilege and honour to lead a school of such talented and dedicated staff, happy motivated and well-behaved children and interested and caring parents and governors.” Mrs Boyd also thanked Jill Trotter and Brenda Martin from the Education Authority for their tireless work, vision and belief in the value of the programme, which is funded jointly by the Department of Social Development and the Department of Education. Particular praise was reserved for the staff of the nurture group; nurture assistants Mary Manning and Patricia Mc Caugherty and nurture group teacher Ann Heffernan who has worked tirelessly with parents, pupils and staff, providing guidance, advice, support and training to ensure the principles of nurture permeated all aspects of Holy Trinity Primary School.

The ‘Majorie Boxall Quality Mark Award’ was presented by Kevin Kibble (Chief Executive of the Nurture Group Network) and Helen Stollery. Mr Kibble commented on the importance of developing children’s social and emotional skills to help them achieve their full potential, both in school and for life ahead.



Boxall Award

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