Welcome Back!

Dear Parents

The children have all returned to school looking fantastic in their new uniforms. They have adapted very well to the new rules and routines and all appear to be very happy to be back.


Seesaw will be the main form of communication between parents and the class teacher and the school and parents. It is essential that you have signed up to SeeSaw, as all school information will be relayed to parents through this.


 If your child has a mild cold or a cough, they can come into school. It is only if your child has symptoms of Covid 19- high temperature, continuous cough, loss of taste or smell, that they should remain at home.

Lunch boxes

 Many of the children are coming into school with their break or lunch in paper or plastic bags. If everything your child is eating can go into one lunchbox, they do not need a plastic or paper bag. They can bring their break or lunch into school in their lunchbox and we would ask you to wash it at night.

Free School Meals

Children who are on the Free School Meals list, will receive a hot meal in the canteen from the 14th September. (there will be hot dogs again this Friday). If you have not applied, you will need to send the form to the EA urgently as they will not be entitled to a free meal after the 11th September. Children may also now pay for a meal. We are asking parents, where possible, to send in the dinner money for the week on a Monday. If you can place the dinner money in an envelope and mark the days you would like your child to attend dinners, this will reduce the need for staff to handle money every day.

Reminder to parents

School Funds- we are once again asking parents, where possible, to contribute to school funds this year. We are asking parents to donate £1.00 per child on a Tuesday or if you would prefer to pay £5.00 per half term. For families with more than one child at the school we would ask for £2.00 per family or whatever you can afford. These funds enable us to purchase resources for the school. This is an entirely voluntary contribution and we do not want anyone to feel under pressure to contribute. Thank you

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